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BSK Breed Index: The Siberian Husky

Life Span: 12 - 15 years

Height: 20 - 23in

Weight: 35 - 60lbs

Litter Size: 6 - 8 puppies

Temperament: Brave

Intelligence: High

Classification: Working

BSK Status: Extinct


History of The Siberian Husky

This breed originated in eastern Siberia. It is one of the oldest dogs in history and decendant of Eskimo dogs which lived in the northern hemisphere of the world. They are know as having a think, soft coat and are primarily used as sledding dogs.

Siberian Husky Fun Facts

  • Huskies known for being extremely vocal dogs. They like to "sing" which sounds like a combination of a howl and a bark.
  • This breed was imported into Alaska during the gold rush as a means of transportation over the snowy landscape.
  • A team of Siberian Husky sled dogs drive by Gunnar Kaasen are famous for crossing over 600 miles of arctic conditions to deliver a life saving Diptheria treatment to a city in Alaska.

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